Saturday, January 1, 2011

Time for some improvements

To ring in the new year, we went to Hardware Ranch today to see the elk with my sister Megan and brother-in-law Josh.
Dennen keepin' Finn warm, Megan and Josh, the elk chowin' down

Like many of you have probably done, or are planning on doing, I am going to make some goals for the coming year.

The reasons I'm posting them is because I kind of got some ideas from other people posting theirs, and because by writing them for other people to know, I think I'll do a better job of adhering to them.

#1 Dennen and I were talking about how we could save more money this year. We live very thrifty lives and the only thing that we could come up with to save on was groceries. We are going to start using Deals to Meals (a coupon program). Dennen signed us up the other day and I am ready to give this thing a go. I've never been a fan of coupons because I think sometimes coupons make you end up buying things that wouldn't have otherwise bought. In addition to saving money, it might be kinda fun too.

#2 Live a more Christ-like life by being more sensitive to those in need. I truly believe that Heavenly Father puts people in our lives' for a reason. I know when I've prayed for help, often times Heavenly Father helps me by putting people in my life that can empathize with me and help me with what I'm dealing with.

#3 Learn to knit. Yes, I know, I already know how to crochet, but learning to knit can open up so many more possibilities (those that know how to knit or crochet know what I'm talking about). My aunt taught me how to knit once and I made a squiggly scarf and gave up. Knitting is definitely more hard to do.

#4 Service. I crocheted an amigurumi monkey for my nephew and I want to make a bunch of stuffed animals for Primary Children's Hospital. Ever since I've had Finn I have felt truly blessed and grateful for his health. 4 lbs 3 oz and absolutely no complications? I still think to myself, "how was that possible?" Soooo many parents have children that have terminal illnesses, disabilities, and other diseases. How is it fair that they have to go through something so difficult? It's not. But that's life I guess.

As you probably saw, my husband made far more goals than me. I'm really not the type to make new year's goals/resolutions or whatever you like to call them. I feel like if I don't make them, I won't be let down when I don't accomplish them. I guess that could be another goal of mine... #5 Not being afraid to make goals and self improvements.


Silas Amandah Wyatt and Maxi said...

Resolutions are always hard for me! But it seems like you always have goals you're working on, and even more that you are actually exceeding! I wanted to make some of those crochet animals and take them to the hospital I work at too! great minds think alike i guess. Keep up the good work hiraree. You're a great example.

MSmith said...

Looks like a delightful event! Finn's nose looks cold - what a good daddy to snuggle him in his coat :)

Gwendolyn Fullmer said...

These are awesome improvements. Perhaps I'll make a list too? I've never done that before but it couldn't hurt. Something that we've done to help us cut back on food money is to make a menu. Each week I ask Ben, who usually could care less as long as it's food, what he would like and then I make a menu for all three meals, snack options included and just buy according to our needs for the week. It's helped me to not go for things that are just on sale, oh and I don't shop when I'm hungry or I tend to branch out and buy more.

The Kynastons said...

I need you to come help me with one of my resolutions...I want to learn to crochet! And I've thought about couponing for a long time. You'll have to share your secrets with me if you end up liking it.