Thursday, November 13, 2008

I like these

Growing up I was NEVER a fan of gold. It was so old fashioned to me. I always wore sterling silver jewelry, and swore that I would have a white gold wedding ring. Guess what? That didn't happen, I have a gold wedding ring and love it! I really like gold jewelry now (especially because I'm a readhead, and I'm told gold looks good on redheads).

These are some cute earrings that I found. I really like the turquoise accent stone hanging from the earrings.

I like this idea of having removable wall graphics. These are basically wall sticker graphics that can be removed when you get sick of them (instead of having to paint over them). My sister bought some bird ones and they look really cool. They don't look like stickers on her wall, they look like she painted them onto her wall.

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