Monday, February 9, 2009

25 Thangs

For those of you who are Facebook users, you might have noticed a wave of people doing "25 random things about you" posts. Well, here is mine...

1. I love cookin.
2. I daydream about building the perfect house…
3. …and then daydream about showing it off on Cribs.
4. My brain is composed of two entirely different parts: my left hemisphere sits at a Cold War era desk and wears a gray suit with a conservative red tie. The collar on his dress shirt is one size too small, causing the veins on his forehead to occasionally bulge. He is constantly concerned with how efficiently everyday mundane task are carried out and has a planner that contains a list of things to do and when they are to be carried out. He hates typographical errors and always cites his work. He realizes it is his duty to exercise 30 minutes a day and abstains from sweets. He is constantly bothered by his other half, the right hemisphere, with whom he shares my head. The right hemisphere resides in a hammock and, depending on the weather, only sometimes wears a shirt. He keeps his Pina Colada on left hemisphere’s desk and doesn’t use a coaster, which infuriates left hemisphere. He spends his days reading adventure novels and daydreaming about a bike trip around Iceland. He enjoys swimming and occasionally doesn’t worry about a swimsuit (it’s just the two of them anyway, so what’s the big deal?). Right hemisphere and left hemisphere constantly quarrel over who gets to make decisions about my life.
5. I was born in a ’79 VW Rabbit.
6. I lived within a few blocks of my wife all through junior high and high school but never talked to her until 4 years after I graduated.
7. I love to travel.
8. I obsessively read the newspaper, especially the sports page, (almost) every day.
9. Hood River, Oregon is my idea of a perfect town.
10. I love vintage stuff, especially clothes.
11. I once stepped on a straightened clothes hanger that went in and then out of my ankle.
12. I get light headed at the sight of blood, or even when people talk about surgery or anything like that.
13. I haven’t thrown up since 5th grade.
14. I really like to mix foods together, especially cereal.
15. I love gloomy weather.
16. If I was ever to starve to death, my love handles would be the absolute last thing to go.
17. I’d like to work in the developing world for a NGO sometime.
18. I have a midnight snacking problem.
19. I have an unhealthy fear of making mistakes.
20. Although I love the outdoors, I wouldn’t mind living in a big city with awesome public transit for a little while.
21. Watermelon + sunny weather + swimming = ecstasy.
22. I collect patches from where ever I go, but never get around to sewing them on to anything.
23. I’d like to learn how to canyoneer.
24. I love shaggy hair.
25. I can’t drink milk straight. Just can’t do it…


Dennen and Hilary Frazier said...
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Dennen and Hilary Frazier said...

Yes, you finally made a post! These are just 25 of the thousands of reasons I married you.

Love, Hils

Birrell Family said...

Love the list!!! Your kids will treasure this. Now it is Hilary's turn! Your blog is still my favorite... we can feel your love for each other.

MSmith said...

Right hemisphere guy makes me laugh. Stay warm up there in Logan.

Zack and Callie said...

Hey we used to be in your ward and I just came across your blog! Zack is a vw enthusiast and will be way jealous that you were born in the back of a rabbit! Anyway, hope you don't mind me reading!