Saturday, March 28, 2009

Please don't botch this

How many of you read "Where The Wild Things Are"? This was a book that I LOVED as a child. The artwork is amazing in this book. My imagination ran wild whenever I read it.

Dennen found this trailer of a movie that is going to be made out of the book. I got so excited when I watched it, it looks pretty decent from the trailer. Watch it (make sure to click on the HD quality) and let me know what you think... The music is great! There's going to be quite a few Arcade Fire songs (which I really like).

What do you think? Is this movie going to be decent? I really, really hope they don't botch this one.



Holy cow...I can't believe they can make a full movie out of a 20 page kids book! I LOVED that book, too so I'll be curious to see how it turns out.

marissa said...

It looks good i loved that book when i was a kid!

Kim Shepherd said...

Joey wants to see this movie. I don't remember ever reading this when I was younger. I'm probably really strange.