Monday, April 13, 2009

Recently, I've been wanting one of these

When we go to Orem and visit our families, we often take walks between our parent's homes. Dennen's and my parents live a couple of blocks away from one another. On the way over Dennen always asks, "do you want to go see your dog?" I get so excited and start to walk faster to see him. As I approach the gate I whistle... I don't have to wait long until he comes bounding over to say hello. This dog is the most beautiful Golden Retriever I have ever seen. His temperament is calm and inviting, and I fall in love every time we get to see him.

I know we won't be getting a dog anytime soon, but it is nice that I can pretend we already have one. Our living conditions are not totally stable (being college students), and it would be unfair to bring a dog into a home where we might have to get rid of him... sigh.

I'm really a fan of Irish Setters as well.


Kari said...

I love Golden Retrievers. I wouldn't mind one for myself. Just like Comet on Full House haha.

megs and josh said...

Bubba sure could use a friend. Have you seen Marley and Me yet? When and if you decide to get a golden retriever there is a Companion Golden Retriever Rescue you could adopt from in SLC.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you just take EDDIE if you want a dog???


Katie said...

Goldens are the sweetest dogs! Although they tend to jump up on people and run between their legs...

BOXERS are better!

Anonymous said...

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