Friday, January 29, 2010

This took me awhile

I found this really cool Marimekko print. It is really expensive because it is designer fabric from Finnland. I decided to use my limited photoshop skills to get one of the animals from the print. I'm sure my brother and sister-in laws could have done a much better job (they both know photoshop inside and out). If you guys read this, I would be more than happy if you gave me some photoshop tips for going about something like this.

Here is the original pattern.

And here is the elk I took from the pattern. His legs look a little lumpy...But that is insignificant considering how long this took me. The resolution of the picture was really low and the edges were really blurry, so I had to go around all of the edges and sharpen them.

So what are my plans now that I have a Finnish elk? I'm going to iron it on to one of these.

Anyway, that is my ultimate plan. Let me know if you want one for your kido or a friend's!



So cool Hils! Makes me want a little guy so he could wear one :) So...about being nervous...BELIEVE ME, I was in the same boat! I had many little panic attacks before Macie was born but then she came and it was all okay :) You'll be a GREAT mom!

marissa said...

Cute love the idea, I was going to do sew some letters some onesies. How are you making and iron on??

Kelly said...

Hey Hils! totally want one. Let me know about it k. Hope you're doing great.

denise said...

Hilary, Happy Belated Birthday. Just to let you know you were in my thoughts all day. You are a blessing in my life.
Auntie D