Friday, January 15, 2010

The wild west

Before school started we had one last hoorah by going to the Shooting Star Saloon in Huntsville with some of our friends. As booming as the town is... some of you may not be familiar with Huntsville, so I'll fill you in.

1- President David O. McKay of the LDS Church was raised here and his family home is a tourist attraction.
2- East of town there is a Catholic Trappist monastery.
3- In the early 1990s Huntsville had a U.S. post office, a convenience store, a sandwich store, a dentist, a psychiatrist, a factory, a beauty parlor, a gift store, and the oldest tavern in the state of Utah--the "Shooting Star."

When we walked into the Shooting Star there was a sign that read, "we do not make special orders." This was followed by a menu that consisted of 5 things to eat. As soon as I saw this I new there were probably no meatless options (of coarse this makes sense now, it is the oldest cowboy tavern in the state, what was I thinking). They didn't even have French fries. Thanks goodness everyone's burgers came with potato chips which I graciously ate. Turns out their specialty is alcohol, go figure.

If you look at the top left picture of our friends you'll see something mounted on the wall that you might think resembles a bear, but you would be mistaken. That is a Saint Bernard head. No lie. It weighed 350 lbs and resided in Huntsville back in the day. The middle picture is us standing in front of the one and only Shooting Star Saloon. On the right, Dennen is about to take a bite of his nasty (all in the eye of the beholder) Star Burger. It had hot dogs on it as well. Need I say more? The bottom right picture is Den and me enjoying a root beer. I have to clarify because It might appear that I'm trying to intoxicate our baby by giving him special sauce.

After lunch we headed over to the Catholic Trappist monastery to check it out. All in all a successful outing to Huntsville. If you ever get a chance to visit Huntsville I highly recommend it.



haha...I'm glad you aren't giving little baby boy "special sauce" least wait til he's born :) Your hat is super cute!

Meesh said...

Ha ha, that is so funny you guys went to Huntsville! My best friend growing up had a 2nd house there and that's where all her cousins lived so we would go up there all the time. I had many an adventure during my teenage years in that sleepy little town. I never did make it to the Shooting Star, but I heard about it. Sounds like you guys had a fun experience...I can't believe they didn't have fries!! They need to get with the times!

uncle greg said...

I love the Shooting Star. Nothing but grease and beer. You think you are Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid. No Veggy Burgers?