Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Grandparents are the best

I think if you ask anyone about their grandparents they will tell you that they are amazing. Mine definitely are. What makes grandparents so great? Some of the things that I think make a good grandma or grandpa are: they don't scold you (that's for parents), they load you up on tasty food, they love you unconditionally, and they support you, just to name a few.

These are my grandparents. It's amazing how many fond memories I have of them. I was very lucky to have all 4 of my grandparents living in the same town as me when I grew up. And I was very lucky to have all of them present for a big portion of my life.

Last night my Grandma Gwen passed away (she's next to my grandpa on the left). She was the first close family member of mine to die. Her death was different than most. Alzheimer's was a disease that not only she had to deal with but our family had to cope with as well. What a sad and horrible disease. Because she had Alzheimer's it is a lot easier to cope with her death. I feel like I lost her along time ago.

Here are a just a handful of great memories I have of my grandma.
1) Her love of Coca Cola and anything else sweet for that matter
2) When she would scream and cheer at our soccer games and tell us to kick the other girls in the shins
3) How when I painted ceramics at her house she would always paint the eyes because they were too difficult for me
4) How she always loaded us up with food and made sure we were NEVER hungry (don't all grandparents do this?)
5) Having sleepovers at her house
6) Her love and genuine care for others
7) How her term of endearment for us was, "ya lil' shit!" (it was always funny when she said that)

Love you grandma!!


Kari said...

I've never had to see Alzheimer's first hand, but it seems really sad. She sounds like a funny lady.

I wore a uniform almost identical to yours for high school volleyball.

Katie said...

I was just remembering that she'd always do the eyes for me too! She is a fantastic woman who I will really miss, and even though she wasn't my grandma I loved her just as much.