Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's like itching your brain

You know the feeling you get when you get a good back scratch? The other night Dennen described swabbing your ears with a Q-tip as the equivalent of "itching your brain." I could not have agreed more when those words came out of his beloved mouth. Mmmm, there is nothing like a good ear swabbing... It feels so good!

My cousin in-law would probably cringe at the fact that we are putting an object smaller than our pinky into our ear canals (he's an ear doctor). But nothing and I mean NOTHING can simulate the great feeling except a Q-tip.

Remember in grade school when you sat on the rug and happened to peer into a classmate's ear canal? Looking in some of those ears made me want to barf. How could they not swab the nasty ear wax out of their ear canal? Did they not care about personal hygiene? Or maybe their mothers just had too much on their plates that they completely forgot about sending their child to school with clean ears? Whatever the reason may have been I have been a habitual ear swabber ever since those days of reading stories on the rug. I clean them once a day.

This is Zac Efron's dirty nasty ear (I don't really know who he is, except that he's famous). Come on, you'd think if you were famous you'd clean your ears! Gross.

On another note, if you do use "cotton swabs," do you prefer the brand name Q-tip or would you settle for any old cotton swab? I for one will ONLY buy the Q-tip brand. Other cotton swabs don't have enough cotton. Due to this fact I have often went a little too far into my ear canal and that hurts like the dickens. So, what's your opinion? To swab or not to swab, and Q-tip brand or generic?


Katie said...

Sweet glory, I will attempt to keep Garrett away from this post.

His brain might literally burst!

Q-tips are the devil and are not even allowed in our house for cleaning the grime around the faucet!

Kari said...

I swab, but I don't care what brand. I was one of those kids that got the ewwww comment. Scarred me. I think I went home and swabbed my ears a hundred times.

Kari said...

P.S. I saw your pregnant self on fb, and you look cute!

Kim Shepherd said...

To Swab and Q-tip brand are the answers. I clean my ears out everyday. I can tell if I forgot to one day. ewww

Anonymous said...

Qtip brand is the only way to go. Aside from the perfect consistency of cotton for swabbing, the actual stick part is better too. The plastic sticks are too bendy and do not offer the support needed for a good ear swabbing.

Matt said...

If you want the real goods you get one of these
I first used them in Japan, it is basically a little snow shovel to scrape the earwax out of your ears. Nothing is greater. I was a q-tip fan until I used these, I will never go back.


SWAB ALL THE WAY!!! Seriously, Patrick and I are Q-tip junkies. We finally just started buying the huge 3 packs at Costco cause we use them all the time. Gotta have clean ears :)

The Murray Family said...

When I was in nursing school we had a big debate on this topic when we were taught never to clean your ears with Qtips. How else are you supposed to clean them? And I'm a Qtip girl all the way.
And a little baby advice. They have Qtip safety swabs that are a little thickers with a little tip so you can't stick them too far into your baby's ear, but can still get all the wax that would otherwise be visible. Love em'

MSmith said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Q-tip and yes, I've gone too deep and gouged the eardrum. Generic brand cotton swabs are an insult to the entire experience. The stick is not stiff enough and the cotton not wound well enough. I'd use a BOBBY PIN or KEY before those wimpy cotton swabs.