Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gotta change

Soooo, does anyone else just read other people's blogs and not comment? I am very guilty of this and need to change. I love reading the comments people leave on our blog. And I'm sure that other people love reading the comments on their blogs as well. I'm just lazy. Don't judge.



Haha...yeah I'm definitely guilty of that at times. I try to usually leave comments, cause like you said, I like reading them on my blog, but I'm lazy sometimes, too. I do love reading your blog...I'm glad I can keep up with your life a little bit!

Anna said...

I'm guilty of that too! But I love reading your blog, and your little guy is so adorable! If you guys have any questions about PA school let me know... I am in my second year (just one more left!)

Kelly said...

I'm totally judging you. Cause if I go by the comments on my blog, then that means only two people read my blog....which would be very sad.

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog by clicking the arrow button and starting reading. love it! i read a years worth and you and your family seem great. i am starting the Help, checked out rosi golan...very nice music. thanks for those tips.

enjoy parenthood!
sophia in cali