Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving and Tree Day

We had a great time with our families over our little break! On Thanksgiving we had dinner with the Frazier relatives, which I always enjoy. The day after Thanksgiving we had dinner with the Smith fam and grandparents. The next day was Tree Day (a holiday invented by my aunt where we put up the Christmas decor and get periodic presents). Last but not least we celebrated my dadio's birthday, as well as Dennen's. Thanks everyone, we love and appreciate you a lot!!

I love this picture of Finn and my dad!
Rachel and Finn (he wasn't too happy when I stuck his his tree day attire over his pj's), sleepy me and Dennen, Finn looking a little bit more chipper


MSmith said...

It was great!

The Kynastons said...

Finn is getting some good hair! So cute. Glad you guys had a good Thanksgiving and I love the idea of doing Tree Day. I may need to start that tradition!