Monday, December 6, 2010

Give away galore!

I have been pretty busy lately with my crochet hook... Here's a picture just to prove it.

Finn drowning in yarn

Well, onto the title of this blog post. The give away! Go here and just follow the directions to enter. There are a lot of cool vendors giving away stuff.

My lovely sisters styled my headbands for my etsy site and the give away. We went up to USU and I used an old brick wall from one of the buildings as the background. I really like the look. Thanks again sistas!

And finally I had to take a picture of Finn in his sweet mobile command center (as Dennen would call it). Dennen and Finn went on their first little jaunt today with it.

Dennen looks stoked, Finn looks confused


The Kynastons said...

LOOOOOOVE that first picture of Finn. Seriously. I want to eat him. Your new headbands (and models!) are all super cute, too. And that giveaway looks incredible. I'm definitely going to have to enter that.

Hey, so I'm sending out my Christmas cards and I have your address from that beanie you sent me, but I can't tell if it says #4 or #1...could you let me know? Thanks Hil!

Katie said...

Your sisters a SOOOO pretty! But how come no smiles?

The Fraziers said...

Just the look I was going for.

MSmith said...

dang - dang - dang - double dang cuteness and gorgeousness (Dennen's in the cute category)