Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1: Introduce, recent picture, 15 interesting facts

Me llamo Hilary Smith Frazier. Yeah, sad I know, I don't have a real middle name. Just my maiden name. Here is a recent picture of me when we went swimming with Finn up at the USU pool.

Hmmm, 15 things about myself eh? I'll try my best. Some are probably going to be stupid because 15 is a lot to list.

1- My feet are always cold. Dennen got me a hot water bottle for bed because of it (or he was sick of me sticking my frigid icicle feet on him).
2 - I have two fillings in my whole mouth. Thanks for the fluoride parents!
3 - I like running and biking.
4 - Tomatoes were my most hated food as a child and I swore I'd never like them. Now I do.
5 - I'm 5'2"
6 - My feet and toes are probably my most favorite features.
7 - I like to read, but only if I get into the book within the first 5 pages.
8 - When I worry A LOT about something scary, bad, or stressful (Finn when he was first born) I stop eating because I loose my appetite (kind of like when you're sick).
9 - I trust Dennen's opinion probably more than anyone's. Even when it comes to fashion, decor, and hair.
10 - I really miss skiing.
11- I wish my hair was thicker.
12 - I don't have a ton of friends, just a few close ones.
13 - It takes me a long time to make friends.
14 - I love music.
15 - I can wiggle my ears.


Silas Amandah Wyatt and Maxi said...

I didn't know you can wiggle your ears! I can only wiggle one of mine... and on the friend thing, i beg to differ. you have tons of friends. at least more than me :) im glad you're one of mine

Rissa and Jared said...

I'm totally gonna steal this from you so I have something quick and easy to blog about. sound good????

Dan+Alli said...

I love reading things like these! I think we should hang out sometime. I've decided our little guys need to grow up being buds.

Birrell Family said...

I am looking forward to reading your blog this next month :)

The Kynastons said...

Fun! I might copy this, too.

So I can totally wiggle my ears, too. We must be cool. And only 2 fillings??? Dang Hils, that's impressive. I wish I could claim that...sadly I have many, many more.

Thanks for the fun idea!

Gwendolyn Fullmer said...

Cool I can wiggle my ears too, ha ha a fellow ear uh wiggler? neat well anyways that was a fun post. If we ever get together for a play group I'll bring along my pedicure set and we can jazz up your cute toes. You're so lucky to have cute little feet. My freak feet are a size 12 and my toes look more like fingers, or little sausages :( lol

Kelly said...

You're funny! I can't believe you think you don't have lots of friends. Maybe you are one of those people who other people consider they're way good friend, but you don't consider them your good friend. Happens to me alot...I'm usually the person who thinks you're my good friend. :) Hey, Happy b-day by the way. You're gettin old.