Thursday, March 17, 2011

Andrew Bird

Tonight I went to one of my sister Rachel's club parties with Finn. We watched a little bit of an outdoor documentary and had some popcorn. Well, I had some popcorn. Finn will put everything in his mouth that we hand him except for food. Silly kid. Anyway, Rachel is always up-to-date on good music and one of Andrew Bird's songs was in the documentary. Thanks for keeping me in the loop Rachy!

In other news, last week we went to the Hill Aerospace Museum. Finn had a good time and was jabbering the whole time. An old guy (probably a former pilot) that was a volunteer there whipped out this little plane for us to take a picture of Finn in. I don't think he's too sure what to think... at least in the bottom picture.


Kelly said...

That's so cute!

Birrell Family said...

Be sure to go to the Air Show at Hill Air Force base this summer. They do it every other year. We are going early about 6am to get good places (bring your own seats) If you want more info, call me. It was so cool!

Here is a link to check out

Maggie said...

But he is so cute in that little thing!

Linds said...

I think he looks so comfortable in the pilot seat. Future Pilot Finn. Love it!