Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Learning new camera tips

When I graduated with my bachelors degree, my parents bought us a super nice camera (Canon EOS 40D). Until now, I haven't really had the time to read the camera book that came with it to learn about all that it can do. Actually, lets face it, the real reason that I didn't take the time to read about it was because I was intimidated by all its features (still kind of am). And I hate reading instruction manuals.

Today I was able to adjust the white balance and ISO speed to take some pictures with a light box that I made. Here's the tutorial on how I made the light box. It was super easy and only took 15 minutes! I had never really fiddled with all the adjustments until today, for fear of not knowing how to change the camera back to its original settings. Although the instruction manual may seem daunting at first, I highly recommend reading the one that came with your camera. You'd be amazed at all of the functions your camera probably has!

I'm sure glad I ventured out and decided to learn some more about our camera, because I was able to take some fun product shots. Now I'll be able to take professional looking product shots for my etsy site. Hooray! The top picture is the best one. The bottom two pictures I didn't adjust the white balance as good.


The Kynastons said...

Wow, that is so cool! I read that tutorial and I totally want to make one of those lightboxes...even though I really don't have a reason for one. :) But your pictures look great and they will look sa-weet on your etsy site!

Chynna said...

Great pictures! I have a nice camera to but I also feel intimidated by it! There are a few stores around here that do photography classes and i'm dying to take a "basic, get to know your camera" one!