Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More knitting

I just finished knitting this monster for Finn. It is made out of super soft yarn so hopefully Finn likes it. Plus it took me forever to make! I'm not the fastest knitter on the block yet.

In other news... Finn has been sick, sick, sick! But I guess most kids probably are around this time of year. It just seems like he gets over one bug, and then he gets another. Not fair for the little tyke :( This go around he got the dreaded cold sore virus from me (he shares my water bottle and I have a cold sore right now). They're all over his lips, inside of his mouth, and tongue. I took him to his doctor but it was too late. Apparently for any sort of treatment to work, they have to get the medicine within 48 hours of the first one forming. He also has little red spots all over his skin that are some sort of virus. I sure hope everyone else's kiddos aren't sick with anything. It sure isn't fun.

Snoozing with his animals

Finn is quite the little dancer and singer now. It is so stinkin' cute! He also knows how to make the sound of a lion, bee, snake, fish, and duck. He now says "da da"! So his words consist of "Eddie" and "da da." He can sign: more, all done, down, drink, and fish. Finn has a lot more personality latey and it's definitely a fun time.


Gwendolyn Fullmer said...

That snoozing picture is just precious. I'm sorry to hear he's not been well. Sounds like he may have hand-mouth-& foot disease? Its a virus that takes about a week to run its course. My friends daughter had it. Nothing much to do except a little tylenol, popsicles, and yogurt and other cool and soft foods. They make it easier to eat when their mouth is so sore. Hope he's well again quickly and for a long time.

Marie and James Stosich said...

So happy that you guys found our blog. It is fun to see your cute little guy out of the belly. He is adorable! Hope he gets feeling better soon. I am inspired by your beautiful art and food creations you have posted. I have a couch that I really want to upholster now because of how good your chair turned out. The only problem is getting enough material for cheap enough. That will be the first step. Hope you are doing well. It is fun to hear from you. I will be keeping up with you on your blog. -Marie