Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fun weekend

Has anyone else taken their kiddos to the Gateway Children's Museum? It is awesome! My mom and I took Finn there last Friday and he had a ball. He's still not quiet sure what to think of lot of kids and seems to get kind of nervous sometimes... So it was good for him to go and start to get used to it.

Lately Finn has been giving a lot more hugs and kisses, which I love!  He wasn't a snuggly baby at all, so I'm glad I can get some in now :) He likes puzzles and is pretty good at them once we help him do them a few times. His stuffed animals are still his favorite and he loves snuggling with them. The last time I changed a poopy diaper was a week ago (hopefully this continues and I didn't just curse myself). Every morning right when he wakes up I go and put him on the toilet and he poops and pees like clockwork. It's pretty nice. He's getting the hang of the whole thing. Basically I started awhile back doing EC (elimination communication). There's a lot of information on the web about it. Oh, and another priceless item when it comes to him sittin' on the pot? An ipad. Yep, I just let him watch movies. This one is pretty funny and he really likes it.

Dennen and I also went hiking with Finn on Saturday at Big Springs. We brought our snowshoes but didn't end up needing them because there was pretty much no snow. It was fun nonetheless though!

Last but not least, Dennen's mom watched Finn and we went to Park City to visit our buddies the Koehlers. They treated us to a tasty homemade meal, followed by the World Cup Mogul Competition at Deer Valley. It was crazy to see the skiers rip down the mogul field! I'd say their knees probably go bad pretty quickly... And once again, being at a ski resort and seeing other people skiing made me a little sad that I'm not able to this winter. Oh well, better safe that have a detached placenta and go into premature labor.


Michelle said...

Fun!!! Chuck and Robin took Luce to that museum and it sounded like they had a blast. Apparently Lucy loved the same ball machine that Finn loved. That's awesome you guys got to go have a fun date night in PC and watch a skiing competition.

The Kynastons said...

I love that museum! It's been forever since I've taken Macie, so this is a good reminder that I need to get back up there. :)

And I need to read up on that Elimination Communication. I'm about ready to start potty training Macie and I need all the info I can get! Hopefully it won't be too painful of a process. That's so awesome Finn goes every morning - what a good boy!

Maggie said...

That children's museum is awesome. It's our second favorite so far.

The Murray Family said...

We love the children's museum. I got a membership one year and we would always go in the evenings right at dinner time and the place was empty.
And I can't believe Finn's already using the potty. I definitely need to read up on this EC for Miles.
Good girl to avoid the slopes. Trust me, an abrupted placenta is definitely not worth it!!