Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine's Day

Dennen and I actually celebrated Valentine's Day the day before because we didn't want to deal with all the craziness. We went out to dinner at Macaroni Grill and Dennen got me some flowers (some people don't like flowers, I do). I miss how Valentine's Day used to be when I was a kid... I loved making my own Valentine's mailbox and picking out just the right Valentine card for all my friends (and crushes)!

Although, now we start to get to enjoy holidays with kids. What could be more enjoyable?! Grandparents and cousins gave Finn little gifts and candy for Valentine's. He was sooo excited! It was really cute to watch.

Grandma Marci even made us one of her traditional giant pink heart sugar cookies. They are my absolute favorite! She even made Finn one, but then decided to take a bite out of it... Bad idea.

Valentine's Day dinner with the fam, and my parent's friend Steve Chambers from Alabama

Grandma Marci taking a tasty bite of Finn's cookie

Look at that face! Just kidding. This was the face he made when we tried to get him to take a bite of his cookie. He'll learn to love them soon enough :)

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