Friday, April 6, 2012

Duck suit

Dennen's mom found this adorable little duck suit at a yard sale. It is a bit small, but we jammed him into it anyways (just so we could get a few pictures). I love the Spring! The flowers are so beautiful right now too. We're excited for Finn to run around and find eggs this year. I think he'll enjoy an Easter egg hunt this time around. Last year? Not so much. He even dyed some Easter eggs with Grandma Marci yesterday. Although, he didn't quite get the concept of putting the eggs gently into the dye. We had some egg casualties.

One of my favorite words that Finn says lately is "bubble." The way he says it is just so cute! He also has been crawling around on all fours while scooting his forehead across the carpet. It's pretty comical, and he laughs when he bumps into things. He started throwing up again this past week so we're taking him to Primary Children's today to get an upper GI XRay. We just want to make sure that he doesn't have another blockage. Our patience is being tried and it is exhausting at times. Good thing he's so stinkin' cute!

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Gwendolyn Fullmer said...

Thats one cute duckling. Henry didn't really fit into his Halloween costume either so we just didn't put the hoodie up. Hope he enjoys a good egg hunt this weekend. It was great to see you at the fire dept. I got a pretty good video of Finn doing the stop, drop, and roll if you want it. Henry wouldn't do it, but Joci did. Hope the Primary Childrens visit gives you good news and perhaps he just had a little flu bug. He sure is a cute boy!