Monday, April 30, 2012

Finn videos


The Kynastons said...

Oh my gosh...where to begin?? He is the coolest little kid ever with his "Word!" And he can say tons of words, so awesome! I love that he knows a crow sound, haha...I've never thought to teach that one to Macie. :) And his little Easter outfit is so dang cute. I wish I could've seen him awake more when you were here the other week...he's such a cute, fun boy.

Maggie said...

I also loved the sound a crow makes. That one made me laugh.

Also I found explaining how DENNEN hid the Easter eggs and not the Easter bunny a bit tricky. (I told them the Easter bunny was worried that the dog in the video would eat the eggs if he hid them at night so he left them and asked Dennen to do it for him.)