Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Off to school

Finn knows where dad is every day now. School. Dennen is studying really hard and we're proud of him. The other day Finn found his backpack that the home health company gave him. It was for his feeding pump when he had his NG tube so he could carry it around with him during the day (although we never used it). He's never really been that interested in it. I'm pretty sure he had a bad association with it... But now, he's hooked and loves wearing it!

He's also my trusty running buddy. We go running most days, which is nice. The sidewalks in Maine are kind of lacking though. They are extremely bumpy from all the tree roots pushing them up, which results in a less than smooth ride. We are able to do a lot of fun active things here. Tomorrow Finn and I are going to his first swim lesson! I hope he likes it okay...


Alene said...

Finn is so dang cute! I love that little backpack. Keep up the running while you can before Maine gets too cold!

The Murray Family said...

Too cute! Way too go with all the running. It's no wonder you look so good.
P.s. I laughed so hard at your story about getting lost.