Saturday, June 9, 2012

Our new home

It's still sometimes weird to think this is our home. Maine is our new home. We have really enjoyed it so far and have even met some fun people to hang out with. Although I haven't really met any other moms yet, I have met some really cool married girls that I do stuff with quite a bit (they haven't found jobs yet). We're all in the same boat because one of the girl's husbands is in PA school with Dennen, and the other girl's husband is in OT school at UNE as well. So it pretty much means all of our husbands are studying 24/7. We road our bike's down to the farmer's market today and had a pretty good time! I hope they don't get jobs for just a little while longer... But for their sakes I'm sure it would be nice to be employed.

Finn and I have really been utilizing the Chariot as well. For all of you active soon to be moms, or current moms, a Chariot is a must! I can go running with him in the mornings, and also put the attachment on to go biking with him. It is awesome.

He didn't take a nap one day, which in turn lead him to falling asleep at dinner time... It was pretty funny and I had to get some pictures. He also likes eating carrots now. I usually just peel it and he eats the peelings, but the other day he wanted the whole carrot, stem and all.


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!


Kelly said...

You are all ready hanging out with people! It took me two and a half years to make a friend a felt comfortable in the ward to hang with. It looks pretty out the. I miss you guys.