Tuesday, June 12, 2012

South Dakota

I pretty much discounted South Dakota and put it in the same category as Nebraska and Kansas. Boring-ville. I was pleasantly surprised when it was actually pretty cool! We were able to go to Deadwood, which was an old mining, cowboy, outlaw town. It is in the Black Hills which is really pretty. Who would have thought there were trees in South Dakota? Not me.

Next, we hit up Mount Rushmore. We were able to take some pictures from the highway and were going to leave it at that because to park and get closer was $11. Absurd (well... not really, we're just cheap). We bit the bullet and parked to get some better pictures and check out the museum. All-in-all Mount Rushmore was neat to see.

Custer State park was by far our favorite! We went to a lake and hiked around for a bit. It was gorgeous. There were really neat rock formations and we even drove our car through some of them. Definitely a must see place. We even said that we may like to go back someday.


megs and josh said...

great pics!

Birrell Family said...

We are lOVING all of your pictures and thoughts... keep them coming!

Love you!

SFL 110 said...

Glad that you post all the pictures. I enjoyed that part of the country as well!