Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thermopolis and Devil's Tower

For our 5 year anniversary Dennen and I decided to drive across the country (not really, it just so happened to be the week of our anniversary, Cinco de Mayo). Regardless, it was the best anniversary trip ever! I'm married to my best friend and am grateful for the joy Dennen brings into my life everyday. He always knows what to say (or what not to say) when it comes to helping me through rough patches. All of the struggles we've been through have aided us in growing closer together, and I'm grateful for that.

Before we left on our trip, we saw our friend's the Olsens and Koehlers. Matt and Jessi threw an awesome cheese party at their place. They even remembered it was our anniversary and had a little banner hung up for us. Thanks guys! And Matt hooked us up with a Thule box and bike racks for our CRV. What a life saver for our trip!

Our first stop was Thermopolis, Wyoming. They had free hot springs, and there was even an old dude doing some tai chi in the park next to us. It was a great ambiance. There was also a drive in eatery place that had humongous statues of cartoony people. Of course we had to get a photo next to them!

After that, we headed to Devil's Tower, Wyoming. The drive was really pretty and we went through some canyons and mountain passes. We decided that we wanted to see all sides of Devil's Tower so we took a little trail run around it. It was nice to get moving after so much sitting in a car. We camped that night and our tent spot was only $12. Sa-weet!

And here's a song in honor of 5 great years with my best friend!

What Can I Do (But Love You) by Joy Williams on Grooveshark

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Anonymous said...

See that plastic grocery bag leaning against your rear tire? It was in the same place after you left. I think you were in Wyoming when I found it and called you.... Opa