Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Acadia National Park

For our big trip during Dennen's break, we decided to head north to Acadia National Park. Any of you who know us can testify that we love national parks! It was only a 3 1/2 hour drive from where we live, so doable with Finn. All he needed was a sucker to keep him occupied. He is also a sleep eater just like his dad (as you can tell in the pictures). When Finn wasn't eating or sleeping (or doing both together), he was either playing games on the ipad, or saying, "all done, down," over and over. That car ride must have seemed like an eternity for him...

We got there on a Wednesday and had perfect weather! A really neat mountain that we hiked was Dorr (yes, it's spelled that way) Mountain. We were able to get an amazing view of Acadia and all of the surrounding islands. Finn was a trooper and humored his parents by letting them hike while riding on his dad's back. Dennen and I both really enjoy hiking, and Finn does too, most of the time. He just wants to get down and hike with his own two legs (which we let him do sometimes, but not when the sun is setting and we need to get a move on).

This video of Finn and Dennen cracks me up! I love how Finn says, "yeehaw," and then procedes to give me a crusty at end of it. Anyway, isn't the view gorgeous?! I love how you can see all of the little islands. And yes, I hike in a skirt. It is the best thing ever. Cool breeze? Yes please! I am officially hooked on stretchy skirts. Plus, shorts just look ridiculous on me because I'm not very tall. Side note: I like the picture below. I think it's funny, especially Finn's face.

After our hike we went to Bah Hah-bah (Bar Harbor) which is a fun little town right next to Acadia. We got ourselves some tasty ice cream and enjoyed the beautiful views. And see that yacht to the right of Dennen's head? Some old dude took us for a cruise in it! Not really... But I've always wanted to go on a yacht.

Unbeknownst to us, a storm was headed our way. As soon as we got all snuggled down in our sleeping bags, it started raining. And when I say raining, I mean torrential downpour. It was like the sky was dumping buckets of water on us. We slept decent though, and decided to make the best of our next day. After we packed up all of our sopping wet gear, we headed to the visitors center, Sand Beach (Dennen even swam), and the Thunderhole. As you can see, Finn is jumping for joy in this picture.

We had such a blast, rain and all! Maybe we'll go to Acadia again... I sure hope so! But if we don't make it, I'm glad that we had such a great time and that Finn was even able to enjoy it (for the most part).

Oh, and don't forget... Tomorrow is the giveaway, so make sure to enter!! I'll have the details posted on our blog.


Kelly said...

It looks so pretty there! I agree about the skirts! I'm all for them! Finn has awesome facial expressions, you always know what he is thinking! I'm glad you found indoor soccer to play! Some girls called me to join their team, but with young women's and everything else I couldnt do it! Sad! I'll have to wait for more church futsal.

Anonymous said...

happy times :)

Anonymous said...

Good memories the pictures!!! Can't wait to see you all...Oma