Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Hampshire and Friends

A neat place that we went to recently was Diana's Bath in New Hampshire. My friend Julia came with us, and it was so much fun! Finn loves Julia by the way. Whenever we go anywhere, he always asks, "joo-ah, joo-ah?" He always wants her to come along. How could you not? She's got a great sense of humor and is way fun to be around!

Diana's Bath is about an hour and a half drive from where we live, so not too bad. For part of the drive, we went through North Conway, which is a little ski town in New Hampshire. I love little ski towns! It was really pretty and we also saw our first real mountains since being here. People from the East don't understand that when you come from the West, their mountains are kind of a joke... This is my response to Easterners: "Yeah, that mountain over there? That's actually a hill."

Here are some pictures of Diana's Bath. The water wasn't necessarily warm, but it was a warm day, so it felt nice to get in. We played around for quite awhile, and then on our drive back, stopped to get ice cream. It was a fun-filled day!

Since moving here, I have met a couple of very good friends. I am so, so grateful that our paths crossed, making it possible that we could all become friends! Finn really enjoys being around them. And although we haven't met too many other people with kids, it's kind of nice... That way we don't have to work around multiple kid schedules to hang out. Thanks guys. You're the coolest!


Sue said...

They also don't understand waves. Having lived in San Diego these are not waves. Have to have a tropical storm for good waves on the east coast.

laura said...

I have really appreciated your blog even though we only knew eachother for a short while. I like keeping up on you and Finn, since our little ones are so close in age. I had a question for you. You are often wearing knit skirts in your pictures. Do you make them? And if so, where do you find the knit?
-laura watts

Linds said...

You are always adventuring and that inspires me.