Friday, October 19, 2012

Some New Things

I've added some new baby shoes and women's infinity scarfs and cowls to my shop. All my customers seem to like this style of baby shoe best, with the pom pom trim, so I've added some more to my shop.

You can find the felt baby booties here, and women's knitwear here.

Hello My Old Heart by The Oh Hello's on Grooveshark


Marie said...

Wow, Hilary, you are so talented. :) Very cute stuff.

Birrell Family said...

Love your new items. I also like how your are mixing up your personal life with your business info too. Gives your business a very personal touch. I like that. We miss you!

The Murray Family said...

So in random conversation my friends and I were talking about people who are so talented it is unbelieveable. Of course your name came up and I showed them your etsy shop. They all agreed you are crazy talented!! AMAZING!

Claudia said...

So cute! Love the scarves!