Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Visit from Grandma Marci

We were lucky to have my mom come visit for a week and help us finish moving into our place. All I can say is that it is so nice to have everything organized and put away! We are very blessed to have such great family to help us out. Thank you.

Between running to stores and putting things away, we were able to do some fun things around the area. We were able to go to Sebec Lake, which was absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to go back and camp there this summer. Finn sailed his toy boat down a little stream with Dennen. I love the picture of them both laying on their bellies on the bridge.

On Sunday we went and saw where Dennen does his clinical rotations in Dover-Foxcroft. He is working in the emergency department right now and really enjoys it because it is so varied. The lady who sets up all of Dennen's rotations invited us and a couple other students to her home in Guilford for dinner. It was a good time!

We also went to Stephen King's house in Bangor and took some tourist pictures, and then hit up a bakery nearby. On my mom's last day here Finn and I took her to the Orono Bog, which Finn always loves. We had lunch at Captain Nick's. I had a lobster roll (basically a hot dog bun with lobster pilled on top) which is one of my favorite Maine foods.

About every night consisted of popcorn and a movie (usually Mater's Tall Tales). Finn may have surpassed my mom when it comes to love of popcorn. He would finish his bowl and then move on to my mom's bowl of popcorn. Thanks again for the help and visit mom!

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