Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Vacation

This past Tuesday through Friday we headed down to Portland for Dennen to take some tests for school. We were really excited to see some of our friends as well as do the fun things in and around Portland. I took Finn to ride his bike in Evergreen Cemetery, to Willard Beach, and to the park on Eastern Prom.

My friend Jen, threw me a "diaper shower" with some friends. It was fun and the cake she got from Whole Foods was way tasty! I may have eaten some for breakfast one morning…

Dennen has some time off before he starts his next rotation, so he has been spending a lot of time with us. It has been awesome! One night Dennen took Finn on a "moth hunt". They came back with a mosquito and a spider in a Tupperware instead. We then watched as the spider spun a web to catch the mosquito and eat it (good riddance I hate mosquitoes).

Today we took a swim in the Penobscot River. Finn and I have lifejackets, and it's really nice for this pregnant lady just to float.

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