Saturday, July 26, 2014

Dennen's PA Graduation!

It's hard to describe all the feelings and emotions that our family went through these past two years... When we moved to Maine Rowan had just recently been stillborn and it was a bit rough at the beginning. Dennen has been non-stop busy these past two years. People told us that PA School was intense and fast, but it was hard to imagine until we were going through it. Some people explained it like this, "it's like turning on a fire-hydrant and trying to drink from it." I'd say that was pretty much true. Dennen worked extremely hard and I am so, so, proud of him!

My parents and Dennen's parents and Dylan came out for his graduation. We stayed at a house they rented in Freeport, Maine. It was on a peninsula that jutted out into the Atlantic Ocean. It was rad! Finn had a ton of fun beach combing and adventuring. It was fun to spend some final time in southern Maine. We were also able to celebrate Finn's 4th birthday together.

 Although at times PA School was difficult, it was such a growing and learning experience for our family. We met some lifelong friends, and grew to love Maine so much! We experienced two Maine winters (coldest cold I have ever experienced). Went on adventures to Acadia, Moosehead Lake, Camden Hills, Beaches, and more. To say that we miss Maine would be an understatement.

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Rachel Murray said...

What a huge accomplishment for both of you!! Congratulations! Good luck with the job hunt. I hope you guys find the perfect job in the perfect place.