Saturday, July 26, 2014

Last Days in Orono, Maine

I haven't updated our blog in awhile because I found out that I can't upload our blog to make blog books anymore. Something happened with my blogger account and made it so it doesn't work anymore. Anyway, it just made me sad and want to stop blogging (we've also been very busy). The only reason I do it is to get family books made, and if it doesn't work anymore than what's the point? I guess I'll have to figure out someway to make it work. Maybe start a new blog or something...

Our last days in Maine were fun filled and really busy! First we decided that after Dennen finished PA School, that we were moving West (to be closer to family) no matter what. We both had a lot of mixed feelings about this (and still do at times) but figured that it would be easier to travel and see our families. Also, both of our grandparents are getting older and have more health problems. We wanted to be closer for them. We started packing our things up to head to Utah temporarily until Dennen found a job.

We started packing up our stuff in Orono to prepare to move shortly after Dennen's graduation day. We made some last trips to the Penobscot River, Family Dog, and University of Maine's Campus (it is really beautiful). The whole time we were getting ready to leave made me a bit sad... We visited our neighbor Dorthy a couple times as well. She was always so nice to our family and brought us over treats and even gave Finn some of her grandson's old toys. We promised to send her a card at Christmas time.

Dennen took Finn on some hikes and bike rides by our house and we tried to enjoy Maine as much as possible because we knew we would be leaving.

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