Saturday, July 26, 2014

Dennen's PA Graduation!

It's hard to describe all the feelings and emotions that our family went through these past two years... When we moved to Maine Rowan had just recently been stillborn and it was a bit rough at the beginning. Dennen has been non-stop busy these past two years. People told us that PA School was intense and fast, but it was hard to imagine until we were going through it. Some people explained it like this, "it's like turning on a fire-hydrant and trying to drink from it." I'd say that was pretty much true. Dennen worked extremely hard and I am so, so, proud of him!

My parents and Dennen's parents and Dylan came out for his graduation. We stayed at a house they rented in Freeport, Maine. It was on a peninsula that jutted out into the Atlantic Ocean. It was rad! Finn had a ton of fun beach combing and adventuring. It was fun to spend some final time in southern Maine. We were also able to celebrate Finn's 4th birthday together.

 Although at times PA School was difficult, it was such a growing and learning experience for our family. We met some lifelong friends, and grew to love Maine so much! We experienced two Maine winters (coldest cold I have ever experienced). Went on adventures to Acadia, Moosehead Lake, Camden Hills, Beaches, and more. To say that we miss Maine would be an understatement.

A Knit Bunny for Margo

I have wanted to knit an animal by this pattern maker for a long time now. I finally did and love it! She is the designer behind Little Cotton Rabbits. And I must say, she is so talented.

Last Days in Orono, Maine

I haven't updated our blog in awhile because I found out that I can't upload our blog to make blog books anymore. Something happened with my blogger account and made it so it doesn't work anymore. Anyway, it just made me sad and want to stop blogging (we've also been very busy). The only reason I do it is to get family books made, and if it doesn't work anymore than what's the point? I guess I'll have to figure out someway to make it work. Maybe start a new blog or something...

Our last days in Maine were fun filled and really busy! First we decided that after Dennen finished PA School, that we were moving West (to be closer to family) no matter what. We both had a lot of mixed feelings about this (and still do at times) but figured that it would be easier to travel and see our families. Also, both of our grandparents are getting older and have more health problems. We wanted to be closer for them. We started packing our things up to head to Utah temporarily until Dennen found a job.

We started packing up our stuff in Orono to prepare to move shortly after Dennen's graduation day. We made some last trips to the Penobscot River, Family Dog, and University of Maine's Campus (it is really beautiful). The whole time we were getting ready to leave made me a bit sad... We visited our neighbor Dorthy a couple times as well. She was always so nice to our family and brought us over treats and even gave Finn some of her grandson's old toys. We promised to send her a card at Christmas time.

Dennen took Finn on some hikes and bike rides by our house and we tried to enjoy Maine as much as possible because we knew we would be leaving.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Knit Baby Dress

The orders in my shop have slowed down, as they often do this time of year. I welcome this time because it gives me time to come up with more ideas for patterns and knit projects that I've been wanting to knit.

Here is a dress that I've knit for Margo recently. It's called the Goldilocks dress. I used a Malabrigo yarn, which I loved. I had a bit left over and plan to make Finn a matching bow tie.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Past Month or Two

With our stay in Utah and traveling back to Maine, I've gotten a bit behind with what's been going on with us. We had a great time in Utah with family and friends. It definitely made us want to be closer to family after Dennnen graduates. We love Maine (specifically Southern Maine), but winters have been killer! I guess these past two have been harsher than average... I'm fine with winter. But once you throw kids in to the mix, it definitely gets rough. West coast winters are nothing compared to the midwest and east! We had days here where we just didn't go outside because there was no way we could dress Finn and Margo warm enough.

Dennen will be graduating May 16th and we are sooo excited (although, Dennen is a bit nervous...). We are hoping for the Pacific Northwest in Oregon or Washington. It would definitely make it easier to travel with kiddos. I flew back to Maine by myself with Finn and Margo. They both did great! But let's just say that I wouldn't care to do that very often.

Margo also turned 6 months! I got busy and didn't post about her turning 5 months. Everyone that is around describes her as "pleasant". I would have to agree fully. She is such a sweet and happy baby. She is tiny (5th percentile for weight) but so content. I've started solids and she has really taken to them. She loves sweet potatoes, rice cereal, carrots, green beans, banana mixed with avocado, apple sauce, and squash. She can roll over both directions and is getting closer to sitting up. She loves to squeal, babble, and blow spit bubbles. Oh, and she is quite fond of her older brother and smiles whenever he is around.

Finn had so much fun in Utah! He loves his cousins and was able to spend quite a bit of time with them. He
also went to preschool while there and thoroughly enjoyed it. He is learning to write his name and has gotten better with his letters and numbers. Although we still have a lot to work on. And as always, he has been enjoying inventing things. That's actually how he entertained himself on the plane. Scotch tape, coffee straws, and circle stickers.

Monday, March 3, 2014

2 Years...

Rowan's birthday was on the 28th of February. I can't believe it's been 2 years since she passed away... It's funny how when kids enter your life the time goes by like they've always been there, whereas any other 2, 3, or 4 years of your life seamed insignificant. Being able to talk with others who have recently had a baby die makes me realize part of the reason Rowan died. People need a listening and empathetic ear when they have a child die, and I feel like Rowan has given me that.

We were able to visit her grave and let 2 balloons go for her 2nd birthday. We also put some cute polka dot pin wheels on her grave. It's good to have her grave and feel her little hand-print that we got etched into her grave marker. I also hope that visiting her grave and remembering her are ways for Finn and Margo to recognize the truly important things in this life.

I love this quote from a book I have: "Why are our little children whom we love so tenderly, taken from us? One reason is to impel us to ask this very question; to fill us with a yearning to know; to draw out our very souls in a search for an explanation. Such a search leads us out of this world into a higher one, and discloses to us truths and principles which we must learn if ever we are saved in the kingdom of God. When one of our little ones is taken from us we are made to realize our helplessness, and that there is One in whose hand is held the power of life and death; and we begin to believe in God more than we did before. Faith in God, the principle by which we are saved, is strengthened." - Angel Children

February Happenings

I think Instagram is slowly starting to take over my blogging... It's an easy way to post pictures for friends and family to see what you're up to, but I need to catch up with our blog because I'm going to make another blog book for our family soon.

February 1st I turned 29. Happy birthday to me! Crazy that I've entered the last year of my 20's... I went and hung out with some of my Utah pals in SLC. We had breakfast, went shopping, gabbed, and laughed. I'm lucky to have such good friends.

Finn has been enjoying preschool and playing with his cousins. He likes to make "inventions" which are basically tape, paper, straws, and anything else taped together. He has made engines, remotes, and fans. I love to see his little imagination work! He misses Dennen and likes to facetime with him and show him the inventions he's come up with. He also likes to play in my parent's back yard (yes, it has been warm enough) in the dirt and with Eddie. My parents and I recently took Finn alpine skiing for his first time at Park City. I was so proud and am excited to start taking him more. I love skiing and have missed it a ton since having kiddos. But I guess parenting is about sacrifice. Finn is so good with Margo now and gives her hugs, kisses, and makes her smile a lot. I love to see their relationship developing!

Some Knitting Projects

I have been trying to use up some Madelinetosh yarn that I've had for awhile. The first little sweater is a pattern from ravelry called cascade. The second little top is one that I came up with and I'm still working on different sizes... The number of leafs on the yoke are giving me a hard time. I'll probably have a finished version of the pattern by Fall '14.