Thursday, September 25, 2008


After living in a third world country, I am sooo grateful for the opportunity I have to go to school (among many other things). I don't think our country is perfect by any means, but I am thankful that I've had the opportunities I've had.

I think it should be required that every lazy, ungrateful American should live in a third world country for a time. It can really open your eyes.

Dennen and I lived with a woman named Maria. She had attended school in Lima and recieved her masters degree in business administration. While we were staying with her and her family for a month she was looking for jobs every day. She probably had about 5 interviews in the time that we were there, but to no avail. A couple years ago she tried to get into the U.S. to work for a company. I don't know if many of you know how DIFFICULT it is for a foriegner from South or Central America to come to the U.S., but very few get to come. She was denied a visa and couldn't come work for the company that wanted to hire her.

We are born into the lives we have for one reason or another. All I know is that there are many people more deserving of the opportunities I have everyday, than I am.

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