Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Blogging high

This probably won't last long. I am finished with finals and know that I won't update our blog until we get back from Christmas break (which will be in January), so I figure I better blog now.

For those of you who asked to see our 3 ornaments, here they are.

These two are from Germany. I LOVE the wooden one with Santa, what detail! Too bad this type of ornament cost us 8 euros... so about 10 U.S. dollars.

And last but not least, our little Peruvian Christmas gourd.

Hope everyone has an awesome holiday season filled with lots of hot coco and fun!



We got your Christmas card today and I LOVE the picture! You guys are awesome :) Your little ornaments are very cute...that'll be fun for you guys to collect them everywhere you go. Hope you have a very merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

i like how you put pictures on your blog.