Thursday, December 11, 2008

The time has come

I was tagged by Jamie and Christine awhile ago. I am now finally going to do it. Looking at other peoples' blogs, it seems like everyone has been tagged so I'm not going to tag anyone. Also, I'm only going to do 4 in each category (probably against the rules) because I can't think of 8 things in each.

Four T.V. shows I like to watch

1. Arrested Development (even though it's not on T.V. anymore, boo)
2. The Office
3. Futurama (also not on T.V. anymore, double boo)
4. Seinfeld

Four Favorite Restaurants/Places to eat

1. Pitta Pit
2. Local cafes
3. Kamin
4. Tandoori Oven (amazing Indian food)

Four things that happened yesterday

1. Worked on Powerpoint slides for the professor that I am a graduate assistant for
2. Was bored because Dennen wasn't done with his finals yet
3. Updated the blog
4. Cleaned the homestead

Four Things I'm looking forward to

1. All my relatives coming for Christmas!
2. Having a relaxing break from school
4. Reading for leisure

Four Things on my wish list

1. Happiness for the family we lived with in Peru
2. No more wars (yeah right)
3. Enjoyment of the present
4. That I will be more generous

*These are Peace Nudists, tee hee hee.


Jordan and Heather Humbert said...

Hey! I'm glad you found me! that is awesome that you are working on your masters - pretty sure I won't be doing that any time soon.

Trey said...

we are the hugest Arrested D fans!

Birrell Family said...

No 'House' on your list of TV shows? Love the nudists... we could get a Utah chapter going and do something in the winter time?(Disturbing mental photo) Who knows... it could be so popular that we could turn it into a calendar. It was good to see you over the holidays :)