Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas break

College is awesome for numerous reasons. One of my favorite happens to be the amount of time we get off for Christmas break. We get three spectacular weeks!

Dennen and I spent a lot of time reading, skiing, and hanging out with our families. We had an early Christmas with Dennen's family because they went to Germany for Christmas (something that we hope to do in the future). All of my extended family came for Christmas, which is always so fun! I dread the day that they won't come anymore, because they will spend the holidays with only their immediate families... boo.

I really enjoyed how Christmas didn't seem quite as commercialized because of the economy. How many of you wish that it would stay this way (minus the bad economy)? Christmas is a time for family NOT material things, and I really felt like this Christmas reflected that.

Here's a picture of us and Dennen's family during Christmas time.

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