Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Please don't forsake our blog...

Well, we apologize for the astounding lack of posts lately. As mentioned before, Hilary and I don't have the internet in our home and we don't spend a fair amount of time up at the computer labs during the summer. Any-who, here is a list of recent activities:
- I drove to Pennsylvania with Trey (who is going to med school at Penn State) and had a good time listening to Huck Finn on CD, getting to know 3 generations of Banburys, and gaining an appreciation for the Midwest.
- I've been studying for the GRE which entails memorizing large amounts of vocab.
- Hilary has been busy making coasters, pendants, earrings, and stained-glass stars for her Etsy store. She's also been busy picking up shifts at Sunshine Terrace, a rehab center for elderly folk.
- We've been cooking TONS of fresh veggies. Every Monday we get produce from the USU student organic farm. We also have our own mini garden and on top of that Megan and Grandpa Smith share their garden goodies. So it always feels like a race against time to cook all the produce that is in our fridge.
- We've been hiking and biking. Yesterday we went on a 20 mile jaunt up Logan Peak. We had no idea how long the hike was in the beginning. We ended up running the last mile to the car so Hils could (almost) make it to work on time.

One more thing... We had a funny experience yesterday at the grocery store. There is a checkout girl that is our favorite. She is fast, efficient, and no-nonsense. Yesterday, as we were checking out, I told the checkout-girl that she was our favorite because of the aforementioned reasons. She kind of smiled for a nano-second and then said, "Why, because I don't try and talk with you because I don't give a crap?" and then she resumed her usual, emotionless countenance. Hils and I were chuckling about that for the rest of the night. And she is still our favorite checkout person.


Dennen and Hilary Frazier said...

Haha, thinking about that girl still makes me laugh!

Birrell Family said...

Address for Etsy website? I am glad life continues to be good for both of you :)

Rissa and Jared said...

Hilary I love the earrings you made and gave me for my bridal shower. whats the address of your etsy shop? i'd love to see more stuff!

MSmith said...

har, har, har, har - checkout girl!
Mom SMith