Saturday, September 26, 2009

Random Lists on a Saturday

Hils has carried the weight of this blog for a while now so I figured I better make a post. As Hils mentioned, I've decided to take my schooling in a different direction and go to Physician Assistant (PA) school. In order to get in, I'm taking as many prerequisite classes as I can this Fall and Spring semester. I haven't really had any science based classes before, so this semester has been a big change (I'm taking biology, chemistry, and physiology). So here is a list of why I like my new science classes:
- I know why poop is brown (Bile!).
- I get to use microscopes, which are kind of a good time.
- No computers, no term papers, just tests...
- I'm learning cool and complicated words for regular things. Who knew a blood pressure cuff was called a sphygmomanometer (sfig-mo-ma-NOM-eter)?
- My chemistry teacher is a hippy who has a goat farm and spontaneously lights things on fire to prove a point.

Also, its been a while since I've been in intro courses that have lots of freshmen. And it makes me feel kind of old (relatively). Anyway, it got me thinking on a lot of things that I've noticed lately that make me feel old. So here's the list:
- minor joint pain in knees, shoulders, elbows, and fingers (I don't know if that one is normal...)
- feeling naked without a wrist watch
- getting excited about new church clothes
- drinking Diet Coke
- feeling like waking up at 6:30 a.m. is sleeping in
- not understanding new fashion trends (especially guys wearing thin, v-neck shirts that show off their man-nipples, I just don't get it)
- overhearing freshmen talk about their weekends
- being older than the TAs teaching my labs
- getting cold easily
- realizing that my parents were right about everything

On the flip-side, a lot of things remind me that I'm still a youngen:
- seeing gray-hairs in my classes
- drinking Diet Coke out of a biking water bottle
- getting excited about retro t-shirts
- being around my wife
- double dates
- getting ridiculously excited for Halloween

(sorry for the lame picture)

- Dennen


Kim Shepherd said...

I took a college prep Physiology/Anatomy class in high school and it was really interesting but really hard. It was nice though because I got credit for college. I only went to BYU for a year and I'm afraid when I go back to college I'll feel old too. Oh well. Good luck with everything! I hope you and Hil are doing well.

uncle greg said...

Getting old? I have eye glasses lying all over the house in cases I need to read something. I had to take the insurance exam twice. I have to search for the car in parking lots. BUT, my golf handicap in going down. YAH

MSmith said...

Watch that diet coke addiction - before long, you'll yawn, stretch, look at the rising sun and reach for the IV hookup to the diet coke - and you hair will fall out.

Garth said...

Lay off the Diet Coke. I am sure that is what caused my hair loss or maybe it was just old age....

Maggie said...

Boys are wearing nipple shirts? WEIRD. Also, at some point an early wake up with prove very helpful. I feel great when I get to sleep in until 7:30.