Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I cannot believe how creative this woman is. Take a look at her blog to see more cool pictures of her little one taking naps.


Anonymous said...

That kid doesn't hold a candle to Finn.
Grandma M

Birrell Family said...

I agree with Grandma M. But I do find her work fascinating. To think I always tried to take a nap when my babies slept seems a bit lazy of me now :)

Linds said...

She's extremely creative. I loved the bookworm too :)

We would LOVE you to come and visit. I work on Friday/Saturday night at 6-so anytime before would work.

I'm not so great at putting colors together. You're talented that way, what do you think? I'm a fan of greens.


How do people think to do things like that?? Macie's nap is my break from her, I don't think I'd ever think to photograph her during my "break time." :) Those pictures are awesome, though. I love the clothesline one!

The Murray Family said...

Those pictures are great. I wish my kids slept deep enough that I could do that to them. Even when they were tiny babies they would wake up if I looked at them too long. As for the color of hats. Mason's favorite colors are green and blue. As long as one of those is in it he will love it. For Brynn the only color I care about is purple. I totally trust you opinion choosing something that works well with them. Hope that's okay that I'm leaving it up to you. Thanks! Let me know what I owe you.