Monday, October 11, 2010

Green thumb

I love house plants. The only problem is that I have a hard time keeping them alive. My sister does a great job with house plants. I on the other hand really struggle.

What gives? I even choose plants that don't need much water or light (this is great for going out of town). The plants I own right now consist of bamboo and jade plants. Somehow I even manage to kill the hardiest of plants (see below).

Funny story about that yellow bamboo plant... The other day Dennen was brushing his teeth when he decided to yank out the last remaining yellow stalk. When he did, thousands of little pebbles that were holding the plant in spilled all over our counter and sink.

Dennen: Oops.

Me: What happend, did you break something?

Dennen: No, just come in here.

Me: That's okay, it was dead anyway. We should probably just make sure none of those little pebbles go down the sink.

Dennen then proceeded to spit the toothpaste in his mouth into the sink which covered all of the little pebbles in gooey toothpaste spit. It was pretty funny, especially when he looked at me in a defeated way and commented, "that will probably be a lot harder to clean up now."

Back to my plant problem. Doesn't a yellow plant mean it's getting too much water? But wait, I thought you could never over-water a bamboo plant. Apparently I did (unless someone has another explanation).

If anyone has any tips on keeping plants alive (i.e. watering, sunlight, etc.) let me in on your secrets. Also, I want to try and branch out to different types of plants that are easy to keep alive. What types of plants do you have that are easy?


Gwendolyn Fullmer said...

Hilary your plant problem story was hilarious, especially the tooth past and pepples. I have a black thumb too and everything I used to touch died. Serious. I watered my neighbors plants for a week while they were out of town, the Strattons, and every one of them wilted and died. I felt awful, good thing they own their own nursery though. Anyways recently I've tried to turn my black thumb green and found these little indoor/outdoor minie rose bushes, at Harmons. Mine are doing really well. I followed the little instructions and it's been alive since May! I also have a little plant start of some pretty ugh.. well it's a green plant and its stayed a live too if you want a little start I'd be happy to give you some.


I can't offer you any great advice, but I sure feel your pain!! When we lived in Patrick's parents' house in Idaho I was so humiliated because I killed ALL of his mom's plants while they were gone. I'm definitely a plant killer! Although, we do have a bamboo we got at Ikea and have had it for a couple of years and it's been a success. Maybe the Ikea ones are extra hardy? You could try that. :)

Meesh said...

I don't think I can help you there Hils. I also have managed to kill every plant we have ever owned. Trey thinks it's funny. I just feel bad that I was responsible for killing a living thing. Here is my advice: buy fake plants that look real. Can't kill the fake ones. :)

denise said...

African violets are easy---they droop a bit when they want water. And then and only then do I water them- they are inexpensive and I can get new colors when I get bored.
Auntie D

meltintic said...

I kill all indoor plants! Your mom killed my fig tree by not watering it for 3 months. I think killing indoor plants runs in the family.
grandma jane

megs and josh said...

as you know i don't have any tips on bamboo but check out this website and maybe you will find something

Linds said...

I just keep buying new ones to replace the old/dying ones. Not the best technique.

Kelly said...

I forgot to give you the new plant i have for you. I guess I'll keep taking care of it and make it big and beautiful for you.