Sunday, November 7, 2010

Being a parent

Today at church I got to thinking about what a great responsibility it is to be a parent... Some couples are never able to have children and desperately want them. It's such a great blessing to have kids and I need to make sure that I always remember that.

Becoming a parent is a big reality check on a person's spiritual progression (whatever that may be). Or at least it should be.  Lately, I've been feeling like I've done and said some things that I regret. I want to do better at acting how I should even if Finn is not right there watching me. Even when he is watching me, I need to be better (he's like a little sponge).

Does anyone else feel how important it is to be good examples at all times to these little ones that Heavenly Father has given us? Even when they may not be watching you?

Well, at least he's already learning how to read.  I've been a good example in one aspect of his life :)


Kelly said...

He's so cute, He's going to have the awesomest personality with you guys as his parents. I still feel Like I shouldn't have kids...They deserve a way better mommy.

S.A.W.M. said...

Yes! it's scary knowing that you are in charge of how another human being is brought up. I think that it's all part of being a good parent though. Maybe the people who don't think of these things and run around acting like what they do only effects them, are the bad parents. Im gonna go with that. You guys are already great parents with big huge hearts.
I like the picture, Maybe Finners could teach me some cooking tips?


Oh man, it's something I worry about constantly. But, I guess it's a good thing that we DO worry about it, because then not only are we teaching our kids good things, but we are improving ourselves in the process, too. Anyway, I have no doubt that you will be an awesome role model for Finn. I mean, if he is already learning how to read AND cook, that's pretty awesome. :)

MSmith said...

...and he's reading about tortillas!

Linds said...

tortillas are the best thing to teach your kids about . . . or at least in my family :)

you've hit a nerve i think. it's so incredible the responsibility we have and i'm so grateful for do-overs.