Friday, November 5, 2010

Finn Friday

Here are some new things that Finn has been doing lately.

-blowing spit bubbles, which I love!
-watching us eat but not really wanting to eat himself
-squealing, and I mean SQUEALING like shatter your windows squealing
-practicing his sitting skills
-loves to smile at both of us, but especially at dad when he comes into the room

You sure do love to stand. From when you were just a few weeks old even! Dad thinks he (Dennen) looks like a turtle in this picture... I have to kind of agree (he just woke up).
Some seriously cute pj's I found him. Don't you love stripes? And of course, not complete without a hat.


Kari said...

He's getting big! I love the vest.

megs and josh said...

and don't forget just being super cute!
thanks for putting that background on my blog it looks great! Love ya, Megan :)

Tyler said...

Awesome pictures!


The pajamas and vest are stinkin' cute! And I love the hat with the strap under the chin!

Katie said...

Wow! He's so cute!

I love stripes on kids....I'm pretty sure that's all my kids will ever wear!