Thursday, November 18, 2010

Do this now before it's too late!

Go here ,, sign up to get $20 off your purchase. If you get something under $20 the cost ends up being FREE ! I'm not kidding. I've done this a couple of times... Is that legal? It's apparently not going on too much longer so go and get a deal while you can!

Here's what I've got Finn already. The toys were $3.50 a piece and the shoes were $8 (that's shipping too).

Our friends the Banburys told us about this ,, and that's where I heard about this deal. Thanks Banburys!


Kari said...

I don't think you can do it anymore.

The Fraziers said...

Make sure both boxes are checked when you are filling out your email and password. When you click add to cart it won't subtract the $20 until you click check out.

Dan+Alli said...

Yeah I've totally done this a few times! I love free stuff!