Thursday, November 11, 2010

Finn video overload

We have taken a ton of videos of Finn. Here are some of our favorites!

Here is a video of the famous mobile!

Bath time. See all the syringes on the counter? Yeah, at one point I think we were giving him 5 different doses of stuff a day.

Last but not least... a video of Finn laughing! Finn was a hard one to get to laugh, and he still kind of is. He laughed for the first time about 2 weeks ago. I was singing "River of Dreams" by Billy Joel and wiggling his arms. He loved it!


Beeta said...

Hilary, Finn is sooooo darling. I love these videos. His little giggle just melts your heart and he looks soo tiny in the bath! Did you make that mobile. It's so cute! I totally want to order a hat for Brecken from you, but I'm trying to decided what colors to get. Backpacking was really a blast with Brecken other than the fact that she had a double ear infection that we didn't know about until we got home (sleeping was miserable, but other than that it was great). We've taken her car camping several times and learned to let her cry herself to sleep in the car before moving her to the tent, so other campers couldn't hear her. She won't fall asleep when we're around because she thinks it's a party. We didn't get around to taking her until she was 12 months, but I bet Finn will LOVE camping next summer.

PS so funny when you posted on my blog because I was just barely showing my husband how cute your family pictures are. I LOVE THEM! Sorry for the novel!

MSmith said...

Love the laugh! I can't wait to hear it.

Tyler said...

Kudos on the edit. :)

Birrell Family said...

I just got my hair band... we will keep it handy and all share in the wearing of it and we will think of you! THANK YOU!!! I love it!


Loooooove these videos!!! Now I'm really dying to meet Finn and experience his cuteness in person! And I must say, if I ever get a baby that will just chill in their crib like he does, it will be a miracle. :) I think I will make a mobile like yours when we have another baby...that thing seems to work magic! Oh, and Macie was a tricky one to get to laugh, too, but doesn't it just melt you like butter when they finally do it?? So cute.

Linds said...

I love these. I was watching them and trying to feed Van---but all he wanted to do was watch Finn. He'd smile at the computer and everything. So funny.