Monday, November 15, 2010

Free Stuff!!!!

Did the title of this post give you a momentary adrenaline surge? There seems to be a certain thrill associated with getting something for nothing (or deeply discounted). And nothing better stimulates the brain's free-stuff pleasure center than the's free section. Hils and I have taken to perusing it when we're in need of a good chuckle. Some highlights from last night:

  • A free leather couch! *may be drenched in cat urine
  • A trampoline! That reminded me of the classic Simpson's episode where Homer gets a free trampoline and it leads to a yard full of injured kids.
  • A pile of broken bricks! There is even a disclaimer in the description that says there are NO unbroken bricks! And to think there is some shmuck out there that bought his broken bricks...
  • An 11 foot tall globe from a parade float!
I've also realized there are a few things that no person need ever buy if they are savvy free-section watchers. They include moving boxes, fill dirt, fire wood, broken televisions, and Nixon-era washers, dryers, and refrigerators. So if you're ever bored or depressed, take a look at the free stuff. It will brighten your day.

Late addition...
We found a winner. This was in the free pet section.


Birrell Family said...

Have you shared this free hobby with Marci? I believe she may be a taker on some of this stuff... afterall, it is FREE!

The Fraziers said...

What'd ya say about the globe for your birthday? Or perhaps the couch with cat urine?

denise said...

I laughed so hard about the free pet.