Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fun times with Finn

Lately, we have been trying to get Finn to learn how to hold his own bottle. He has done it a couple of times. Dennen propped his bottle on this dish cloth to give him a little help. But it looks as though Finn is being a lazy, naughty baby (in the words of my friend Amandah) and letting the dish cloth do all the work.

"Ahhhh, this is the life..."

Finn also loves to chew on his little bath toys. This one in particular was his favorite today and he played with, chewed, and talked to it all day long. When he chewed on it, it sounded like squeaky cheese from his gums rubbing on the plastic.

Whenever this little bath toy talks to him, I use a French accent. I have no idea why.


MSmith said...

cute, cute, cute, cute, cute

Linds said...

Donovan has a favorite bath toy too. His is a red crab. I adore his towel.

Also your goals are great. Go 2011!