Monday, February 14, 2011

My guys

Finn and Dennen gave me some homemade Valentine's Day cards (Dennen helped Finn with his). I'm am such a lucky gal to have them and am so grateful that they bring smiles to my face every day!

I'm going to let you in on a little secret about my husband... He's kind of domestic. He loves cooking, making man crafts (like tyie dying), making me homemade cards for every occasion, and looking at Sunset Magazine (he says he likes it for the traveling articles). I hear of husbands that don't give a rat's batooty about doing thoughtful things for their wives. That, or they're just plain dumb as bricks. I'm so grateful Dennen is not one of those clueless husbands.

My card from Dennen that had a nice note inside.

Soooo, I should probably explain the "helping me poop" part of Finn's note. Ever since we've started him on solid foods he has had problems with being constipated. I've never heard him scream like a banshee until this constipation thing happened to him. He has definitely been in a lot of pain. It doesn't help that he won't drink water or any juices either. He just doesn't like them. Weird. To help him poop I occasionally have to pump his legs back and forth towards his belly and rub his belly in a counterclockwise motion. Occasionally a suppository was necessary as well because his little bum hole would bleed when he would finally poop out rocks (I know too much info). We finally got him on pureed prunes and life for all of us has been a ton better!

My good lookin' valentines!


Kari said...

aw, poor guy. I'm glad he's getting it out easier now. :)

The Kynastons said...

Those cards are awesome. Gotta love the cards that Daddy helps the little ones make - those are some of my all-time favorite gifts I've ever received. Happy valentines day!