Tuesday, February 15, 2011

5: My sibs

I have three siblings. Each of them are so unique when it comes to their personalities and style. They are all great and I love them a ton! Sorry I was a jerk to you guys while we were growing up... Aren't most siblings like that though?

This is Tyler. He goes to school at Brandies in Boston. It's a small Jewish school and he's getting his masters degree there. He is a very determined hard worker who loves Snickers bars, flat Diet Coke, and burritos. 

Megan is a very likable person who is genuine to others. She is getting her masters degree at USU in school counseling and I'm sure she'll be great at it. Bubba is her pit-bull and he's a pretty cool dog.

This is Rachel, the baby of the family. She's getting her bachelors degree at USU in environmental studies, and is active in all sorts of clubs on campus. Rachel is probably the most laid back of all the sibs. It takes a lot to get a rise out of her, so sometimes we tend to push her to her limits to see if we can achieve it.

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MSmith said...

Yea, we noticeably pushed her to the limit with the teasing about the Heberite.