Friday, February 25, 2011

An oldie but goodie

I watched Harold and Maude the other night. It is definitely a strange movie, good though. Has anyone else seen it? I really liked the music. It was basically all Cat Stevens and I had actually never heard this song.


ChloƩ said...

Hey! Thank you for your comment on my blog! That tutorial is awesome! I for sure need to do that! Thank you! Your blog is adorable by the way! I love the name Finn :) Oh, I got the boots as a christmas gift, but I believe the brand is Miz Mooz. hope you have a lovely friday!

Anonymous said...

I like how Maude just steals cars.

Silas Amandah Wyatt and Maxi said...

YAy! i've always loved this movie and felt i was alone, or weird for liking it.