Monday, February 7, 2011


My parents came up to par-tay for my birthday this last weekend. They took Rachel and me skiing at Beaver Mountain (Dennen was nice enough to watch Finn so I could go). It was the first time I've been skiing in over a year and it was so awesome! I was pregnant last ski season so I couldn't go. And now that we have Finn, our days of hittin' the slopes are going to be few and far between... Sad day. But what must be, must be, and we're making the best of it.

Let me just say that every muscle in my body feels like it's been ripped to shreds. Partly due to the lack of my wimpy muscles not being used to skiing. And also because my only skis are my old GS racing skis that weigh about 200 lbs each! I definitely need to get myself an all-mountain ski.

After our day of skiing, we went over to my sister Megan's house to partake of some tasty food. My mom made the most delicious carrot cake ever! It even had 6 carrots in it, so I counted the piece I ate as one of my vegetable servings for the day. Everyone was there except for my brother Tyler (he goes to school in Boston). Missed you Ty!


Gwendolyn Fullmer said...

Happy Belated Birthday! It looks like you had a great one and had a good celebration. I love Finn's face in the pic where he's in the little blue striped number, lol.

The Kynastons said...

What a fun birthday - that seems like it would be your ideal day. :) And yes, it definitely gets harder to do things like that once you become a parent so it's nice when it actually DOES happen. Glad you had a good day!

Ben and Michelle said...

You and your sister look like twins! You are both so cute! Glad you were able to get up to Beaver! Happy Birthday :)